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Dapoxetine, the latest drug in allopathic domain, has been extensively studied and results documented through various trials worldwide. The initial starting dose of Dapoxetine is 30 mg or may be increased to 60 mg based on efficacy and tolerability once in every 24 hours, 1-3 hours before sexual intercourse.


KUTUB, the brand name of Dapoxetine, has been launched in India by Hetero Healthcare Ltd. for the treatment of premature ejaculation in India. Kutub is the leading brand in the segment manufactured and marketed by Hetero. Hetero launched Kutub in July, 2011, across India for the treatment of Premature Ejaculation in men.  The launch of Kutub is considered a significant milestone of scientific treatment for PE in India.


Availability & Price of Kutub:

 => Available at medical stores all over the country

 => Price is Rs. 79.00 for 4 tablets pack of Kutub 30 mg and Rs. 149.00 for 4 tablets pack of Kutub 60 mg



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